A Symbol of Trust & Success

Foreign Consultancy

A place where you want to meet the people you want to meet !

I would like to introduce you to Foreign Consultancy

(FC), a future’s choice and a symbol of trust and

success.  The successful person of tomorrow will have

many skills. They will be multi-lingual, with English as

one of their languages.  Its also likely that they will

hold a degree or a diploma in a professional discipline.


Experience in other countries will enable them to be

aware of other cultures and to have practiced their language and business

skills.   Definitely they will be the graduates of institutions which will be focused on

preparing international students for a productive work life.


Founded and managed by people with international exposures, FC has focused  itswork on developing better relations internationally with different solicitors, associates and universities for our valued clients to offer them  valid solutions 24 hrs a day;  so that they may continue life-long educations / better living and that they might rise to top of their  profession.


I strongly urge you to consider FC as the place that is best suited to developing  future / career.


Baseer Bin Naseer Anwer


B9, Usmania Society

Nazimabad 1,

Karachi - 74600


To contact us:

Phone: 021-3-6063893 / 4

Fax: 021-3-6678663

E-mail: info@forcn.8m.net